Boiler Faults

Experiencing boiler issues? Dive into Padly's FAQ on boiler faults to understand common problems, their causes, and recommended solutions.

What are the common signs of a boiler fault?

Common signs include unusual noises, reduced heating efficiency, water leaks and the boiler shutting off unexpectedly.

Why is my boiler making a strange noises?

Strange noises coming from your boiler can be caused by various issues, such as air in the system, low water pressure, or a faulty pump. It's essential to have strange noises investigated by a professional.

Can I fix a boiler myself?

It's always recommended to have a certified gas-trained professional address boiler faults to ensure safety and proper repair.

Why does my boiler keep turning off by itself?

This could be due to low water pressure, a faulty thermostat or blockages in the system causing overheating. Your boiler will fail-safe and turn its system off to ensure safety until the issue has been resolved and then reset by a professional.

Why does the pilot light on my boiler keeps going out?

This could be due to a broken thermocouple, a draught blowing the pilot light out, or a deposit build up on the pilot light.

Why is there no heating or hot water in my home?

This is a big indication that you have a serious fault within your boiler such as the thermostat, heating element or broken valve. We recommend you call a boiler engineer immediately to rectify and resolve the issue to get your homes' heating system back and running.

What does a flashing error code on my boiler mean?

Different codes indicate various faults. In this case, we recommend you refer to your boiler manual and contact a boiler engineer to ensure a safe repair.

How often should i get my boiler serviced?

To prevent faults and breakdowns, it's advisable to have your boiler serviced annually to ensure it's running efficiently and to catch any potential issues early.

What should i do if i smell gas near my boiler?

Turn off your boiler, open windows and doors for ventilation, and avoid using electrical switches. Immediately call the gas emergency line on 0800 11 999.

Why is my boiler pressure too high or too low?

Incorrect boiler pressure can be caused by water leaks, a faulty pressure relief valve or issues in the expansion vessel. Get in contact with a boiler engineer ASAP for a quick and safe repair.

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