🔥Cyber Monday: Get £200 off🔥
🔥Cyber Monday: Get £200 off🔥
🔥Cyber Monday: Get £200 off🔥
🔥Cyber Monday: Get £200 off🔥
🔥Cyber Monday: Get £200 off🔥
🔥Cyber Monday: Get £200 off🔥
0% APR finance on selected boilers¹

Great savings on new boilers

Time for a new boiler? We'll get it installed without the jargon and faff, as early as tomorrow. Not convinced? A new boiler could save you up to £580 per year.

Spread the cost

Save money on your boiler

14+ years experience

Alpha combi boiler alongside a vVessmann system boiler next to a Worcester Bosch Greenstar with a Which? Best Buy award logo on top of the Viessmann model.

We install top boiler brands

What's included?

Padly installs include²

Worcester Bosch 2000 Life Combi boiler with the Which? Gad and Oil Boiler award for 2022

Your new boiler

Smart home thermostat included with your install

Wireless thermostat

Boiler flue kit included with your install

Flue kit

Stigma boiler filter cleanser

Magnetic filter

Fernox system flush liquid

System flush

BIG Warranties insurance. Logotype


12 year exclusive warranty badge

Peace of mind

0% APR finance available¹

Boilers to suit any home

Find the right boiler for your home, and more importantly, your pocket.

Lean on the experts at Padly

Demystify complex products

We’re proud to be transparent at Padly, answer a few straightforward questions and we will package your tailored boiler installation at a fixed price for you. What you pay for is exactly what we deliver and what we deliver is the highest standards or boiler installations in the industry.

Save long term

Padly only provides the best boiler to help you cut costs by warming or powering your home with newer, cost-efficient units. Keep that energy for longer and use all its potential without losing out.

Up to 10 year warranties

Boilers are the beating hearts of every homes heating system, and when something goes wrong it can result in a costly inconvenience. Rest assured you’re protected for up to a decade when you choose Padly for your new boiler installation f anything were to go wrong.

• Keeping things simple •

Fed up with drowning in information?

Padly was founded by a team of homeowners with a focus on simplicity, sustainable living and quality workmanship. We've created a space where forward-thinking homeowners can get informed and find new boiler installers easily.

Young male boiler engineer servicing a black Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler by removing the front of the boiler coverRound Padly badge. Logo

Demystify complex products

Let us know your requirements. We’ll give you with a list of boilers to suit your home, usage and budget. Compare the specs of each so you can clarify which boiler is best for you.

Increase efficiency

An efficient boiler can make all the difference when it comes to energy usage, reducing your bills over time.

Sit back & relax

With Padly guiding you through the entire process of a new boiler installation, from initial research to having it fitted by a Gas Safe installer, you can rest assured your home is in safe hands.

Boilers by numbers...

No fluff, just facts

From average lifespan to potential savings - Padly's got it covered.

10-15 years
Is the average life expectancy of a well-maintained boiler.
Of your household's energy usage is used by your boiler, on average.
Save £540
On average, on energy per year, when upgrading from a G-rated boiler to an A-rated boiler in a detached UK home.
Is the efficiency score of A rated boilers - which help to ensure the efficiency of your home.
Alpha E-Tec boiler with Padlys price match promise
Call off your search. We can beat any like for like quote.

Your guide to everything boiler related

Find the answers to your questions and queries in our blogs below - simply explained, without all the jargon.

Text on a blue background that reads: Importance of servicing your boiler. Image next to this shows an engineer servicing a boiler installed in a kitchen.

The benefits of regular boiler maintenance

Discover why annual boiler servicing is essential for homeowners and landlords. Learn how regular maintenance ensures efficiency, safety, and cost savings while extending your boiler's lifespan and providing consistent heating and hot water.
10 May
Text on a blue background that reads: What size boiler do I need? Next to it is an image of a Worcester Bosch boiler installed in a white kitchen between two cupboards

Choosing the right size boiler for your home

Don't know what size boiler you need for your home? Padly's expert guide helps you navigate the process effortlessly. Find the perfect fit for optimal comfort and efficiency.
23 Apr
A blue background with white text on it that says: How much money can a new boiler save me? Next to it is an image of a young couple looking at their finances and considering a new boiler.

The financial benefits of installing a new boiler

Discover how upgrading to a new, energy efficient boiler can lead to significant financial savings. Learn about annual savings, choosing the right boiler, and financial support options.
15 Apr


Having a new boiler installed doesn't need to be complex, we're here to help make things simple, quick and affordable. Take a look at our most frequently asked questions to find the answers to your boiler-related queries.

How quickly can you install a new boiler in my home?

We understand that when you need a new boiler its usually due to a breakdown or loss of heating and hot water. Which is why we always aim to install from tomorrow! Fill out our remote survey to find your tailored quote, connecting you to the best boiler options for your home.

What can I expect on installation day?

Our engineers will arrive in the morning of your scheduled appointment with all the necessary tools and equipment required to complete your new boiler installation. Our experienced, vetted engineers will carry out your installation as quickly and smoothly as possible. However, we advise you to expect most of the day to be blocked out for the job to be completed.

We kindly ask you to make the installation point accessible for our engineers, and they will in turn protect the areas they work in and clean up after themselves.

Can my boiler be moved elsewhere in my home?

Yes, whether you'd prefer to move your boiler to a bedroom, into a cupboard or into the kitchen, our installation experts are able to relocate the boiler and it's pipework to suit you.

Will the installer flush my system?

Our installers will provide a standard power flush when your new boiler is installed. This will help remove rust and debris from inside your system – cleaning your pipes and radiators – which will help your new boiler operate more efficiently.