What's included in a Padly boiler installation?

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Discover everything that is included in a Padly boiler installation in this thorough guide. Explore our top-notch service, customisable add-ons, exclusive boiler bundles & FAQs.

Read on to discover the comprehensive offerings of Padly boiler installations, which ensure a seamless and tailored heating solution for your home.

Your Padly boiler install includes

New flue installed

A property flue kit is essential for safe and efficient ventilation of combustion gases produced by the boiler. It ensures proper exhaust of gases outside the property, complying with regulations for safe operation.

Chemical system flush

Before installing your new boiler, our engineers will perform a chemical system flush to remove any debris, sludge, or contaminants from your heating system. This process enhances the efficiency and lifespan of your new boiler by ensuring clean water circulation throughout the system.

Magnetic boiler filter

We install a magnetic boiler filter to trap any remaining debris or magnetic particles within the heating system. This prevents them from circulating and causing damage to the boiler components, improving its reliability and longevity.

Standard thermostat

As part of the installation, we provide a standard thermostat for easy and intuitive control of your heating system. This allows you to adjust the temperature manually according to your preferences, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

Removal of existing boiler

Our installation service also includes the removal and responsible disposal of your old boiler, ensuring a hassle-free transition to your new heating system.

Optional add-ons

If you would like to elevate your heating system, we have a wide range of optional add-ons you can chose from and add to your basket at checkout:

Nest Smart Thermostat: Upgrade your heating control with a Nest thermostat, offering advanced features like learning your schedule and adjusting temperatures automatically to save energy.

Hive Mini Smart Thermostat: Opt for the Hive Mini Smart Thermostat for convenient control of your heating and hot water, with the flexibility of scheduling and remote access via a mobile app. It's compact design fits seamlessly into your home, offering smart functionality without compromising on space.

Limescale Reducer: Protect your boiler from limescale build-up and prolong its lifespan with a limescale reducer. Lots of manufacturers specify that a limescale reducer should be fitted in order to protect the boilers internal components.

Magnacleanse Flush: Enhance system cleanliness and efficiency with a Magnacleanse Flush, a powerful flushing process that removes debris and sludge from the heating system.

Reconnect existing thermostat: If you have an existing thermostat that you would like to keep, our engineers can reconnect it to your new boiler for seamless integration.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV): Opt for TRVs for individual room temperature control, ensuring personalised comfort and energy efficiency. If you are replacing your current boiler, it is now imperative to have TRVs installed in every room, except the room where the thermostat is located. This is to comply with current building regulations and energy efficiency standards.

Exclusive boiler bundle

We're excited to introduce our exclusive boiler bundle that has been designed to complement your selected boiler, as well as ensure optimal performance and efficiency. This bundle is a carefully curated selection of our experts top recommended add-ons, that will enhance the functionality and longevity of your new heating system.

This bundle includes a Hive Mini Smart Thermostat, a Limescale Reducer and a Magnacleanse Flush, meaning that you will receive over £500 worth of extras alongside your chosen boiler. To find out more about this exclusive bundle, discover our blog.


Below, our experts have answered some frequently asked questions you may have about our installation process and service.

How long will the installation take?

The duration of your boiler installation will depend on the complexity of the project. For a standard boiler swap, where no major alterations are needed, the installation typically takes about a day. However, if you're converting to a combi boiler, the process may take longer, typically ranging from 1 to 2 days. This extended timeline accounts for additional work required for a conversion, such as pipework amendments and electrical modifications. Our engineers strive to complete installations efficiently, while ensuring thoroughness and compliance with safety standards, regardless of the project's complexity.

How much will the installation cost?

Typically, the installation cost for a new boiler falls somewhere between £600 and £1,500, but this very much depends on the specific nature and complexity of the installation. For a more in-depth explanation of installation costs and factors that can effect it, check out our 2024 new boiler cost and installation guide.

Do you remove tanks and cylinders?

If you're moving your boiler or converting to a combi, we will take away any tanks or cylinders*, as well as carry out any additional work that may be required. This can include amendments to pipework, fixings, and any required electrical work and external brickwork. It is important to express that our engineers responsibly dispose of tanks and cylinders, so you can rest assured that they are disposed of in a safe and legal manner.

What is the difference between a chemical flush and a Magnacleanse flush?

A chemical flush involves circulating a cleaning solution through the heating system to remove debris and sludge. A Magnacleanse flush is similar to a chemical flush however, it is a far more advanced process that utilises a magnetic filtration system to capture contaminants, providing a deeper and more thorough cleanse.

Do I need TRVs?

Yes, as explained previously in the guide, it is now a regulation when replacing a boiler to have TRVs installed in every room, except the room where the main thermostat is located.

At Padly, we're committed to delivering more than just a boiler installation - we're dedicated to providing peace of mind and comfort for your home. With our inclusive services, customisable add-ons, exclusive bundle offers, and expert guidance, Padly is your partner for a seamless and reliable boiler installation. Get a personalised quote online today to experience the Padly difference.