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Regular Boilers

What is a heat only boiler?

A heat-only boiler, commonly referred to as a ‘regular’ or open-vented boiler, involves 2 tanks: a hot water cylinder and the boiler itself. Heat-only boilers are typically found in larger properties as they can effectively meet the demand for hot water and heating across multiple taps, showerheads and radiators.

Heat only boilers heating circuit is fed by a small feed and expansion tank usually located in the loft space.

Find out if a heat-only boiler is the perfect paring for your home by taking our quick quiz below.

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An illustrated infographic of the way a regular boiler works. Step one shows a close up to the top of the house with a hot water and cold water tank in the loft with a caption of "You have two tanks, a cold water tank and an expansion tank to stabilise the water heating". Step two shows the regular boiler feeding water to the hot cylinder with the caption "Cold water is heated by the boiler and fed into the hot water cylinder". Step three shows a close up of a radiator with the caption "A pump provides power to circulate hot water through the pipes". Step four shows a bath with a shower illustration with the caption "The hot water tank stores the hot water ready for when you need it again"
The ins and outs of your new boiler

How does a heat only boiler work?

Heat-only boilers work by heating water and distributing it throughout the home using a system with various components, these include:

A cold-water tank – typically stored in your loft, this tank will take cold water from the mains and feed it into a hot water cylinder.  

Expansion tank - this secondary tank in the loft, known as a 'feed and expansion tank', is in charge of maintaining the correct level of water for the system, accounting for water expansion when the heating system is on.

Hot water cylinder - Water is heated in the cylinder through a coil that is fed off the primary pipework from the boiler, which will then supply hot water to the heating system and bathrooms.

Heat pump - usually installed in airing cupboards, the heat pump provides the power to circulate hot water through primary pipework and the heating circuit to radiators.

All four of these components work in accordance with the boiler to supply hot water to radiators and taps.

Heating and hot water waiting for you

What are the benefits of choosing a heat-only boiler?

Meets high water demands

Heat only boilers are the perfect pairing for a big household with high hot water demands and many bathrooms. Baths, taps and showers can all be used at the same time.

No need for high mains pressure

If you suffer from low mains pressure a heat only boiler is the perfect pairing for your home as the expansion tank will maintain a consistent level of pressure for your water.

Compatible with solar

Heat only boilers are compatible with solar thermal hot water systems that use renewable solar energy to heat water in the cylinder- reduce your households carbon footprint and reduce bills.

Choose the best for your home

Is a heat only boiler right for me?

Most traditional heating systems are powered by a heat-only boiler system, therefore it's pretty easy to replace an outdated model with a newer, more efficient heat-only boiler without too much trouble/ pipework changes which should keep installation costs to a minimum.

Browse our catalogue of heat only boilers below.

What you need to know

The straight forward Regular boiler installation process



Our experts will assess your heating and hot water requirements, the space available for the boiler and associated components, and plan the installation



We'll take care of the disposal of the old boiler and any associated parts, if an existing system is being replaced



If theres space, both tanks will be stored in the loft, the cold water tank will be connected to the water mains, and the expansion tank to the heating system directly



Our engineers will make sure the new boiler is working as it should, this includes flushing and cleaning the heating system, pressure testing and setting up the controls


Final Checks

Over to you, our experts will demonstrate how to use the new boiler and a review of the install and operating instructions


Clean Up

Your installation is now complete, but our experts won't leave until any mess is cleared

12 year exclusive warranty period with Padly boiler installs

Logic Vogue Max boiler with a 12-year exclusive warranty period with Padly
What size do you need?

What size heat-only boiler is right for my home?

When considering boiler ‘size’ it’s best to not think literally. The size of your boiler will typically refer to a boiler’s output/power, not the physical dimensions of the boiler. However, as stated above if you’re looking for a boiler that can fulfil height hot water demand for various bathrooms, and you have the space in your loft, a heat-only boiler could be the perfect choice for you.

Regular (Heat-only) Boiler

6 Radiators
12 kW
8 Radiators
15 kW
12 Radiators
21 kW
15 Radiators
26 kW
20 Radiators
33 kW

Combination Boiler

1-2 bedrooms, 10 radiators, 1 bathroom
24 kW - 27 kW
2-3 bedrooms, 15 radiators, 1 bathroom
28 kW - 34 kW
4+ bedrooms, 28 radiators, 2 bathrooms
35 kW - 42 kW

System Boiler

1 -3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
12 kW - 15 kW
3 - 4 bedrooms, 1 - 2 bathrooms
18 kW - 24 kW
4+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms
30 kW +

Get your fixed quote on industry-leaders like Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch boilers with their Which? approved awards
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Boiler installation in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Select your brand new boiler and fill out our online quote form, whether you're looking for a compact combi boiler or powerful system - we've got a range to suit all your homes needs.

Step 2

We’ll be in touch for a thorough survey of your property either remotely or on site, after which our experts will be in touch with a quote for installation.

Step 3

Choose a payment/ finance option and we'll book in a date for your engineer to install your brand-new boiler, remove the old boiler and show you how everything works.

Your questions, answered

Have any further questions? Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your options!

How can a regular boiler affect my energy bills?

Regular boilers are not as efficient as combi or system boilers because they keep a tank of hot water heated, which can use more energy. However, the impact on your energy bills will depend on your household's hot water usage and the specific model of the boiler. Newer, high-efficiency models are designed to minimize energy waste and may help lower your energy bills compared to older regular boilers.

How long does a regular boiler installation take?

The installation time for a regular boiler can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the installation, whether new pipework is needed, and if an old boiler and tanks need to be removed. However, in general, you can expect a regular boiler installation to take anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

What are the advantages of installing a regular boiler in my home?

Regular boilers, also known as conventional or heat-only boilers, are ideally suited for larger homes with multiple bathrooms or homes where a lot of hot water is used at the same time. They work with a hot water storage cylinder and a cold water storage tank, allowing for a steady and strong water flow rate to multiple taps simultaneously. Moreover, regular boilers can work with older radiator systems and can be compatible with renewable energy sources, making them a versatile heating solution.