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Electric Boilers

What is a electric boiler?

An electric boiler is a heating system that uses electricity as its power source instead of gas or oil. It works by converting electrical energy into heat energy, which is then distributed throughout the house to radiators and hot water systems. Electric boilers are a popular choice if you live in properties without access to gas or oil supplies, as well as for those who prefer an environmentally friendly heating solution.

Padly is proud to provide a variety of electric boilers to suit your homes heating needs, ready to be installed by our expert engineers at the click of a button - find out more about electric installations below.

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Collection of two white and one black Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life boilers supplied by Padly
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Consider the following when choosing your new electric boiler


The size of the electric boiler your home requires will depend on the size of your property and your heating demands. One of our professional heating experts can help you determine the right size for your needs.


Electric boilers can be installed in a variety of locations, including garages, cupboards, and even bathrooms as they dont emit dangerous fumes. However, it is important to choose a location that is easily accessible in order for maintenance and repair to be carried out throughout the lifetime of your boiler.

Circuit Requirements:

An electric boiler requires a dedicated electrical circuit with enough capacity to power the unit. It is important to have this assessed by a qualified electrician before installation.

Control Systems:

Electric boilers can be controlled using a variety of methods, including timer-based systems, thermostatic controls, and smart home systems

Sustainable, smart, powerful

What are the benefits of electric boilers?

Energy Efficient

Electric boilers are highly energy-efficient and can help reduce energy bills. They are also more environmentally friendly than gas or oil-fired boilers.


Electric boilers can be controlled using timer-based systems, thermostatic controls, and smart home systems, offering greater flexibility in heating control.


Electric boilers have fewer mechanical parts and are less prone to breakdowns than gas or oil-fired boilers, making them a reliable option for heating.

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Worcester Bpsch 8000 Life Combi boiler bundle with a smart home thermostat from Padly

Types of electric boilers

There are three common types which include electric: combi boilers, heat-only and system boilers. Similar in appearance to a gas combi boiler, it's a single unit that provides both hot water taps and for your central heating.

Overall, electric boilers offer a convenient, reliable, and energy-efficient heating solution for homes without access to gas or oil. However, it is important to have the installation carried out by a qualified professional to ensure it is done safely and correctly.

Boilers to suit every homes needs

Check out our range of boiler types

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri Regular boiler

Heat-only Electric Boilers

Alpha E-Tec System boiler

Combi Electric Boilers

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W System boiler

System Electric Boilers

Your questions, answered

Have any further questions? Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your options!

How long does it take to install an electric boiler?

The installation time for an electric boiler can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the installation and the type of boiler. However, as a general rule of thumb, an electric boiler can be installed in 1-2 days. This includes the removal of the old boiler, installation of the new boiler, and system testing to ensure everything is working correctly.

Why should I choose an electric boiler over a gas boiler?

Electric boilers offer several key advantages over their gas counterparts. Firstly, they are generally cheaper and easier to install, with fewer components involved in the system. They also don't require a flue or gas supply, which makes them an excellent choice for homes without these features. Secondly, electric boilers are 100% efficient at the point of use, meaning all electricity they consume is converted to heat. They are also quieter than gas boilers and require less maintenance due to their simpler design. However, it's essential to note that electricity costs can be higher than gas, which can affect running costs.

Are electric boilers safe to use in homes?

Absolutely. Electric boilers do not burn fuel internally to generate heat, so they don't produce any of the potentially dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide. Additionally, electric boilers have various safety features built-in, such as pressure relief valves and thermostatic control, which further enhance their safety profile.

How energy efficient is an electric boiler?

Electric boilers are considered to be 99-100% efficient at the point of use. This means that almost all the electricity used by the boiler is converted into heat, with minimal waste. However, it's important to consider that the efficiency of the electricity production itself can vary, depending on how it's generated.