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Glow-worm Energy Regular

Available in 12, 15, 18, 25, 30 kW

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Includes 10 year warranty

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Hydrogen blend ready

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Perfect heating solution for homes

At Padly, we're excited to offer you the Energy Regular Boiler from Glow-worm. This boiler comes with a great range of outputs, including 12Kw, making it a perfect solution for homes with high hot water demands. It has been designed to last longer and be easier to maintain. As well as this, its A-rated energy efficiency will help to lower your energy bills. This dependable and long-lasting boiler allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your home will be warm and comfortable all year round.

This boiler's compact size makes it easy to install and its modern, bright liquid-crystal display, ultra quiet operation and 7-year guarantee make it a great heating solution for your home. Trust in Padly to simplify your boiler installation with the efficient and durable Energy Regular Boiler.

Experience the Game-Changing Benefits of the Glow-worm Energy

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ErP rated A, helping you reduce your energy bills

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Ultra-quiet operation, ideal for living spaces

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Lengthy 7 year guarantee available with install

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Compact size and rear flue options for easy install

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Wide range of heat outputs on offer

What's the specifics?

W 375 x D 280 x H 600
Warranty Length
Includes 10 year warranty
Boiler Type
Efficiency Rate
Rated A (92%) for energy efficiency
Fuel Type
It's more than an install with Padly

What's included?

Boiler and pipework installation

Whether you’re getting a new improved system boiler or upgrading to a combi boiler, we appreciate that sometimes it’s necessary to have pipework alterations when a new boiler is installed. That’s why any pipework is included in the price of your installation.

Removal and disposal of your old boiler

At Padly we pride ourselves on ensuring our boiler installations are as easy and stress free as possible therefore, our engineers will ensure the removal and disposal of your old boiler is taken care of.

Removal of old tanks and pipework

If you’re looking to change from a system or heat-only boiler to a combination there will be no need for you to have a water tank in your attic freeing up space. Our installers remove old water tanks and boilers upon installation of your new system.

Chemical flush your system

After installing a brand-new boiler, we will complete a chemical flush, free of charge. Our engineers will complete a power flush designed to remove the sludgy build-up and grime that can accumulate in your central heating system over the years so you new boiler can work side by side with a clean central heating system.


Your new boiler installation will go hand in hand with a new thermostat. We will give you the choice of a standard replacement or upgrading to a smart thermostat to become compatible with smart home technology such as nest.


All our boilers come with a manufacturers warranty; however, the length of these warranties is dependent on the boiler you choose. For example, our Worcester Bosch Greenstar range comes with a warranty of up to 10 years.